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San Francisco

January 4, 2011

Before I head off to Africa, I am going on a short vacation to San Francisco. Only 4 days but I am looking forward to seeing california; i’ve never been. I have been to Oregon and Washington states with my grandparents but I am not sure I was old enough to have fully embraced the experience, even though it has left me with some strong memories. I am looking foward to seeing this iconic west coast American city. Next to Los Angeles it has to be one of the most seen and thought about cities when you first think about the West coast.

I have been doing some research on what to do and what to see before I head off. I’ve come up with a few things, including alcatraz, Alamo Square, Balmy Alley, the Castro Theatre and Lombard Street. I like picking different land marks and restaurants to see but the landmarks always seem to fall short of the experience of getting there. I love the trip, you get to see the city, see parts that you miss if you are only looking at the guide book recommendations. Usually the most interesting parts of the city are the parts that the guide book does not tell you about, the places that you never see in the tv shows and the pictures don’t show. Hopefully I will be able to get some of these experiences.

Whats on the Itinerary:


– Ike’s Place – 3506 16th St. – B9ig Sandwhiches
– Taqueria La Cumbre – 515 Valencia St.
– That’s it Market – 2699 Mission St.
– Pirate Cat Radio Cafe – 2781 21st St.
– Ferry Building Marketplace
– Tadich Grill – 240 California St. – Sea Food
– House of Prime Rib
– House of Nanking
– Bottom of the Hill

– Alcatraz
– Alamo Square
– Balmy Alley
– Bridge Theatre or Castro Theatre
– Lombard Street

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