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First Impressions of San Francisco

January 6, 2011

The first thing you notice when flying into SFO is the orange glow that the city gives off. Once you get closer you notice that every street in the entire city has street lights that give off a light orange glow (after walking around later I found it really eire in places). The next thing you notice is that San Fran does not hide their homeless. They are everywhere on the streets begging you for money. Those were the first two impressions.

Alone for the moment before Jenny got here, I decided to try and grab some food. One of the places I wanted to go while in San Fran was La Cumbe Tanqueria. So i thought it would be a good idea to walk to there and get a feel for the city. Seemed easy enough, I would walk the 2 miles over to the mission district. However, I got lost, walked right past the street I was supposed to take and I think I added a mile onto my walk, and once I got there it was closed, not the best start to my trip. But it was a good walk and I got to see part or Castro, Mission and Downtown. I basically took Market St and 16th.

It was cool though, the palm trees, 50 degree weather in mid january that makes it feel warm but not to warm for a long walk, neon signs and tons of different and unique little boutiques. It was a good way to just get a feel for the city. Other than that though, just first impressions. City hall is massive and the homeless run the city.

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