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Niger No More

January 13, 2011

Recently I have been planning a visit to Niger for the semester to participate in the Niger program. Only 2 days ago this trip was cancelled. It would take a while to explain the entire situation but there has been conflict in the north of Niger anyway but now Islamic militants movements have moved to the capital Niamey and two french men were abducted and killed recently you can read more about it at on the New York Times or the BBC

So the last few days have been an amazing array of emotions. Frustration, Anger, a lost feeling, annoyance, sadness. I really wanted to go on this trip. Going back to Africa is what I have wanted to do since I left Uganda and now I don’t have that opportunity. It was going to be such an exciting time in Niger as well as they conduct their elections for a new government after their coup that occurred just over a year ago. Its a shame.

That being said I have to make the best of what has been presented to me. I have decided to go to to Washington DC on the Boston University DC Internship program. I will be participating in an internship there and taking a few classes. I think that this will be good, the internship will be good, and now I get to experience another American city. I have been to DC before but I think that this will be different because I will be living there. Well lets see how this all goes.

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