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Getting a feel for the blog/ Chicken over Rice

January 15, 2011

Ok, so my last post about PhoVet, while still true made me feel like I was writing a food blog. This isn’t a food blog, its a travel blog, logging movements, travels, stories about where I’ve been, and what I liked. I felt like I wrote a review, I felt like I had done something wrong, it didn’t feel right. So what I have figured out about this blog is that I want to keep it away from a guide book, thats not what I want it to be, I also don’t want it to be a food blog (although food is certainty a great part of travel, in fact its an huge part of the travel experience and so I obviously will be talking about food sometimes). That being said, The blog is going to be told by story. Each post will be a quick story about what I did for the day and hopefully from the story you will be able to get a great feeling for the place.

That being said I want to tell you about “Chicken over Rice” on 14th and 3rd in New York City. It is not a restaurant, its a cart, a food cart with 2 indian guys that take shifts running the cart. The place is amazing. The first time that I went there I was visiting my friend Taylor who lives on 12th and 3rd and after having a few drinks in his room, we were about to go out the bars. The thing was that I hadn’t eaten since lunch and it was about 11 that night. We just wanted something quick so that we could then head out for a good time. First thing out of Taylor’s mouth was “Chicken over Rice”. I was like ok that sounds good lets give it a try. So we head over to this street cart (which I wasnt expecting and am always skeptical of) but I went for it anyway. So here is the catch (and its a good one) you can get chicken over rice or lamb over rice for 4 dollars and you get a canned soda or water with it. What a deal! So then once you’ve picked lamb or chicken you are asked whether you want white sauce or hot sauce, I go for the white sauce, it is a classic Indian/Pakistan White sauce and is delicious. The Meat comes over yellow rice and some lettuce on the side and the white sauce on top. It comes in a white styrofome container. Mix it all up and eat, it is deliocious. I woke up the next morning and thought “aw man lamb over rice!” and then I thought hmmm well what if it was just because I had a few drinks, everything improves with a few drinks. So the next time I was in the city I tried it again. It was better the second time, I didnt even know that was possible. Its a staple, I talk it up like crazy to everyone now.

14th and 3rd right by Union Square

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